Math puzzles - for kids.

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What’s “Knobelfieber”?
Knobelfieber is a german creation: ‘Knobeln’ is a verb and that means solving riddles and puzzles and ‘Fieber’ sounds like fever and that’s it.
Our specials are Sudoku puzzles and Kakuro puzzles in free online and printable versions plus rules, strategies and some background information. Additionally there are several kid riddles, word riddles, word search puzzles and a online jigsaw puzzle.
So, enjoy it!


There are a lot of new riddles and puzzles: A funny kid riddle, some new   printable Kakuro puzzles (easy / hard), online Sudoku puzzles (easy / hard), paint pictures von K&K (Knobelino and Knobelotta - Knobelfieber’s mascots) and last but not least a online puzzle.
”Knobelfieber” (c) is a brand-new URL filled with printable online puzzles and riddles, such as Sudoku and Kakuro. There’s also a special kids area - with observation puzzles and a lot of paint pictures.


Playing Kakuro puzzle means to juggle with numbers, to combine and exclude to find out which are the right terms of the sum. Kakuro ist one of the best choice to renew almost forgotten mathmatic calculation.
So get new brain power!

Kid riddles

Our Kid riddles include pictures that have to be paint by numbers. There is a chaotic pattern and in some of these parts you can see a number. These picture parts have to be filled, for instance with the recommended color. Another game ist an observation puzzle. There are two similar pictures and you have to find out the differences.

Word play

One of our word riddles are “word snakes”. There are 9, 12 or sometimes 15 letters mixed in a grid (see example on the right). In case you find the first letter, you step to the adjacent letter (not diagonal ones!) and add them. At least your word is complete.
Click word play for detailed rules and games.


Our online puzzle is also known as Jigsaw Puzzle. Just drag the puzzle parts and drop them next to their neighbours. Appropriate parts merge  with each other. Have a lot of ‘puzzle fun’ for free!


Sudoku puzzle is an 9x9 matrix of numbers and only a few numbers are known. By following the sudoku rules and a few tips & tricks you can find out what numbers have to be filled in the empty fields. There are online and printable Sudoku puzzles.
But be careful not to become addicted to sudoku ;-)

Paint pictures

Paint pictures are especially for our chil- dren. The general paint pictures portray common thinks, for example a car or flowers.  But our special Knobelfieber kid mascots, Knobelino and Knobelotta (abbr.: K&K), are drawn during their adventures - color them. Just print out the pdf files and start!

Word search puzzle

 Play word search puzzle, where you have to find certain words, which are hidden in a grid of letters. First games are in German, with german words, but later english puzzles will be added. Check out!


’These Mandalas are made for paining’. Download our mandalas (their file-format is common pdf), print them out, take your crayons and color the black-white mandala patterns!


Sudoku is sometimes also called Sodoku or Sudoko! Kid riddles Sudoku strategy Partners 1 2 3 4 5 6